Unless you possess an Olympic athlete level of willpower and discipline, your closet is filled with the woulda, coulda, shouldas

Get rid of the woulda, coulda, shouldas and quadruple your wearable wardrobe with your What Do I Wear With This Certificate. You can send in a photo of the item in your wardrobe that you love, but wish you had more ways to wear it.


The certificate entitles you to have 4 outfit blueprints created which will quadruple a portion of your wardrobe because you have more outfits that you can create from your wardrobe. Not only will you be more stylish, but you will be more fiscally responsible because you are getting a greater return on your investment from the item in your wardrobe that is just hanging there cold, lonely, and scared.

Each outfit is a colorful masterpiece
These aren't just any outfits. These are outfits prepared by a fashion professional. To quote one recent recipient of their outfit blueprints, "YOU'RE GOOD!" As a wardrobe artist and author of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Makeover, I do this for a living. I have worked on photo shoots, fashion shows, pageants, and music videos. If you had to pay to receive these outfits it would cost $300, which is why these certificates aren't given out to just anyone.

You are one of the lucky ones...
You'll notice that this certificate isn't for sell, you have to get it the old fashioned way... you have to earn it.

So congrats if you are one of the fortunate people who have a certificate sitting in your inbox. It is not quite a golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory, but it has the great rewards of head-turning, compliments and a boost in confidence. Not to mention that you can now have a week's worth of outfits based on this one item that was previously just taking up space in your closet. (I know not quite a river flowing with chocolate or bubble fizzy drink, but give a gal a break, I'm not from the Wonka lineage).

3 easy steps to quadruple your wardrobe:



Take a picture of the item


Send in the short questionnaire and photo


Receive your blueprint photo album
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Redeem your certificate today; you'll love the new adjectives that precede your name when someone talks about you. Can you be used to being called Fashionable Lisa or Stylish Gabrielle, or Fashionista Terri. Best of all is that, this certificate is absolutely free (no need to blow up like a blueberry or drown in the chocolate river Wonka-style). This "golden ticket" has no strings attached!

Get your 4 outfits now
To redeem your certificate, simply follow the instructions on page 2 of your what do I wear with this certificate.

No more woulda, coulda, shouldas,